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Automotive & Small Engines

Course Description:

Students who apply themselves will gain knowledge and skills for careers in automotive services, repairs, parts supply and after-market product installation. Instruction and experiences include: the functioning, servicing and repairs or suspension systems, brake systems, automotive electrical systems, fuel systems and air conditioning. 

This is a “Technical Prep Program” upon satisfactory completion the student has the potential for further education or entry level job in automotive repair.

Pathway Classes

Small Engine Mechanics

Course provides students with the opportunity to learn to service and recondition small  engines. Typically, two- and four-cycle engines are emphasized, although content may also include others. Opportunities are provided to troubleshoot and repair speed controls,  lubrication, ignition, fuel, power transfer, cooling, exhaust, and starting systems; use hand,  power, and overhaul tools; read and interpret service manuals and parts' catalogs.  Applications may include lawn mowers, tractors, tillers, power tools, and so on.

Introduction to Automobiles

Course primarily intended as a personal automobile technician course, but also designed for  students exploring future careers in automotive technologies. Introduction to Automobiles courses offer an introduction to the various mechanical systems in automobiles and basic  experience in maintenance tasks. The course also covers career opportunities in the  automotive, aviation maintenance, and transportation fields.

Auto Tech II

This is a second sequential course in automotive maintenance meant to take a student into  higher level knowledge and skills development. This class will teach safety, precision measurement, tool & shop equipment use, and certification standards of the automotive  industry. Semester one students will learn multi-cylinder engine theory while disassembling, reassembling and operating 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines. Semester two students will learn  troubleshooting, repair, and preventative maintenance of multi cylinder engines; to include intake, exhaust, and engine management system. 

Auto Tech III

This is a third sequential course in automotive maintenance. This class will teach safety,  professional communication, and certification standards of the automotive industry. Semester one students will learn troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of powertrain components,  steering & suspension, and braking systems. Semester two students will learn troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of electrical/electronics, and heating & air conditioning systems.

Capstone: Transportation Tech

Typically used with advanced dual credit topics. 

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