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ATB Ensembles

Marching Band

Marching Band is a highly competitive performing ensemble that spends most of the time outside. Marching Band takes place from the middle of July through the beginning of November. It is in this ensemble that you learn the basic fundamentals of marching as well as many advanced visualization techniques. Aside from its regular class periods, the Marching Band meets every morning for zero-hour from 7:00 am to 8:00 am, as well as an after-school rehearsal once a week on Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The Marching Band competes in many competitions including, but not limited to, the Zia Marching Band Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM, and the Tournament of Bands in Las Cruces, NM. The Marching Band also takes part in local parades and other community events. The ability to read music is considered essential to this class.

The Marching Band classes are currently split into two sections, which are:

  • Band/Marching/Brass (and Percussion) - First Period
  • Band/Marching/ Woodwinds - Second Period

Marching Band counts as a physical education credit and therefore requires that every student has a physical examination on file at the high school. 

Concert Band

Concert Band is an ensemble that is dedicated to the learning and performing of instrumental band music. Concert Band takes place from the beginning of November through May. This ensemble performs AT LEAST three concerts a year: a winter concert, a pre-festival concert, and an End-of-the-Year concert. This group also performs for the Veteran's Day Assembly and any Spring-related recruiting events. The Concert Band performs at the Music Performance Assessment and has competed at the state level. The ability to read music is considered essential to this class.

The Concert Band classes are also split into two sections:

  • Band/Concert/Brass (and Percussion) - First Period
  • Band/Concert/Woodwinds - Second Period

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is a year-long ensemble that is dedicated to the learning and performing of instrumental jazz music and the various techniques thereof. Jazz Band is an ensemble where the members have to audition for their chair placement. Once enrolled in the course, auditions will be held at the beginning of the school year to determine chair placement. Jazz band focuses on the performance, study, and development of music written specifically for the Jazz Band. Students in Jazz Band will be required to perform in a variety of events throughout the school year. The ability to read music is considered essential to this class. Being involved in the Jazz Band is highly rewarding.

The Jazz Band Class:

  • Jazz Band - Seventh Period

Color Guard

Color Guard is part of the Marching Band and lasts for the same duration as Marching Band. The Color Guard members are held to the same standards and expectations of the Marching Band. In Color Guard, students learn and develop different dance techniques and styles, as well as the fundamentals related to flag work, sabre work, and riffle work (all terms for props that are used for effect). The Color Guard also learns the fundamentals of marching and an adapted march style suited for the dance nature of the group.

The Color Guard class:

  • Color Guard/ Winter Guard - Seventh Period

Winter Guard

Winter Guard is the winter and spring adaptation of the Color Guard and therefore takes place in the Spring semester. This group spends all of its time indoors. Winter Guard is a highly competitive dance-based performing ensemble. The Winter Guard meets outside of its class period on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Due to its autonomous nature, Winter Guard requires additional funding to produce another highly intensive and visually pleasing show. The Winter Guard performs and competes at the Eldorado HS Winter Guard Invitational and the Las Cruces HS Winter Guard invitational, but are not limited to only those competitions.

The Winter Guard Class: 

  • Color Guard/ Winter Guard - Seventh Period

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