Arrival & Dismissal

Students will use designated exits in an effort to decrease student traffic. 

Student Pick-up

Release times start at 4 pm M, T, TH, & F and 2:00 PM on Wednesdays. 

If you are late, you will need to pick up your student at the front office.


Bus Riders

Buses arrive in the bus loop off Cuba ave.  They enter the east gate in front of the loop and wait there for entry.  At dismissal, they exit the east 100 hallways and wait for buses to arrive inside the east gate.

Early Sign-Out

Contacts can come in person up to 24 hours in advance to sign a student out so we can have a pass ready for the student. Once you arrive, ring the doorbell, and a staff member will check your ID before releasing the student. If the ID holder is NOT on the contact list, the student will NOT be released. Please ensure that contact and emergency information has been updated on PowerSchool. 

We will not send a pass for the student until the ID holder has rung the intercom and verified the ID with the front desk staff or security. Parents are encouraged to arrive early enough to allow the pass to be sent and the student to make their way to the lobby area.

Permanent Passes

Permanent passes are available for students who are 18+ or upperclassmen who do not have a full schedule. These are approved with Administrator discretion and approval is not guaranteed. This privilege may also be revoked as needed by Administration or the parent/guardian.